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Having your own domains gives you the freedom to change hosts when you are unhappy with your current domain hosting provider. Today you can host your domain and your web site for free and still get good uptime and performance thanks to free domain hosting services such as

Free Hostia free hosting

FreeHostia offers free web hosting and allows you to host your domain name if you already own one or register a new domain if you are just starting your web site. With FreeHostia's free web hosting plan, the Chocolate plan, you get free domain hosting with PHP and MySQL support and a user-friendly web hosting control panel.

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Free hosting - no ads, no catch

Unlike some other top free web hosting providers Free Hostia does not put any ads on your website. There are no hidden charges or renewal fees, so you truly get free hosting with no catch. There are affordable upgrade options, which you can choose from when you need more resources and upgrading to one of FreeHostia's premium hosting plans is as easy as choosing the desired plan and submitting the payment. The entire upgrade process is automated and seamless and does not affect the uptime of your web site(s).